Bach Flower Remedies


The Bach Flower Essences are natural, gentle essences that work to restore emotional imbalance and disharmony in our lives. Discovered in the UK by Dr. Edward Bach during the 1920s, the Bach Flower Essences are prepared from 38 plants, mainly flowers.

The Bach Flower Remedies are easy to use for everyone, exactly as Dr. Bach wished, and suitable for all age groups. The Bach Flower Essences are used globally today.

You may have seen small bottles of Rescue Remedy for sale at your local pharmacy or supermarket. The connection here is that Rescue Remedy is a mix of five Bach Flower Essences that is taken at times of stress, shock or trauma.

Inner Sanctum Natural Therapies can prepare Bach Flower Essences for you to help restore your inner peace and harmony.

Bach Flower Remedies Turramurra

Image(s) courtesy of The Bach Centre